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Thief of Dreams

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Gothic Blues (Signed copy):

Burn the Witch: 1st single watch now!    July 18 2014

Thief of Dreams Album teaser: Official release Aug 1 2014

~Track descriptions~

1. ‘Dying Star’ is a song about seeing the true beauty of people. How lonely it can be waiting for someone to see that beauty. Shades of both Portishead and Fleetwood Mac, I am a strange progeny of mixed musical marriages.
2. ‘Burn the Witch’ is my version of Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson and early Sabbath from a female perspective. It’s my response to a few things in society that have bothered me lately. The mass accusations against people with Aspergers and autism in the media, and also the backlash that women like myself receive, when we step beyond the traditional roles of mother, saint, whore, etc.
3. The title track ‘Thief of Dreams’ was written specifically for the Hobbit, as an end credit song for the 3rd film in the trilogy. It contains plot elements of both the hobbit and LOTR and I thought and still do, that it’s perfect for it. I only have friends in low places so I had no way to get it to the powers that be. It ended up with eastern percussion on it, which gives it a danceable feel and alters its geography somewhat. The vocal melody and style are what Annie Lennox would have come up with if asked to score the Golden Voyage of Sinbad.
4. ‘Killin’ Scene’ was my answer to Howlin’ Wolf’s 44 Blues. Lots of bluesmen sing songs about jealous rages and killin their women. This is my response to that. It has a nice ‘train’s a comin’ feel to it like a lot of Delta blues but with unexpected grace and menace.
5. ‘Drac’s Castle’ is another song reminiscent of Portishead, it’s both creepy and beautiful with a triphop groove. It conveys the lost feeling one has when they are about to lose their mind, when they are suffering a dark night of the soul, wandering in the graveyard of their thoughts, looking for something or someone to hang on to. It’s deliciously eerie, like watching a scene from Dracula.
6. ‘Life Too Long’ is both mournful and fun in the tradition of early southern blues a la Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Hot Lips Page. I enjoyed playing slide on this one.
7. ‘Rest Now Weary One’ was my very emotional response to my sister’s suicide. No drums, just plaintive voice, guitar and cello. Reminiscent of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Tim Buckley.
8. ‘Dance of the Dead’ features a retro organ and has a silent horror feel with Spanish elements and just a dash of 80s dark wave. Vocals are reminiscent of Beth Gibbons by way of Clare Tory on the dark side of the moon.
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Cover art is a painting by Kim McGill aka La Lionne. Videos features clips by Draagonstorm and Colin Smith.

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