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March 28, 2016 PENNY DREDFUL is done!!Nine tracks of deliciousness: 5 originals, 1 mashup, 1 opera (yes, opera), a supertramp cover and a scottish folk song about murder:

Track List: 1. Penny Dredful 2. False Flags 3. La Lumiere Des Jours Maudits 4. Henry Lee

5. I'm Not there 6. Everyone's Here 7. Haunted Past

8. The Logical Song 9. Dido's Lament (When I am Laid in Earth)

Pre-orders have gone out as of today. Only available as a download. Order now and receive instant  link. You’ll also receive a HD abum art & lyric booklet.

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Sampler opens in new window. .

1. 2. and 7. Music and words by Rudy Simone
3. Music by Rudy Simone, words by Rudy Simone and Hugo Horiot
6. Music by Rudy Simone and Ethan Hanson, words by Rudy Simone and Neil D. Ray
                            -  (RudySimone Publishing)

4. From Young Hunting, a traditional Scottish folk ballad
5. R. Simone, Rod Argent, Annie Lennox, David A. Stewart
8. Rick Davies‎; ‎Roger Hodgson
9. Henry Purcell from the opera Dido and Aeneas

Rudy Simone – Lead vocals, background vocals, all guitars* (rhythm, lead, bass, slide), beats
Lena Rechin – Lead and bg vocals (Henry Lee), bg vocals (La Lumiere Des Jours Maudits)
Kathryn Koch – all violins
Neil D Ray – vocals (Everyone’s Here)
Ethan Hanson – Keys, arrangement (Everyone’s Here)
Andy Alice – Guitars, arrangement (Dido’s Lament)
Ann Marie Akash – Keys (False Flags)
Brian Theobalds – Drums (Penny Dreadful), additional drums (Haunted Past)

* except Dido’s Lament

All songs recorded and produced by Rudy Simone (NY and Paris)
All songs mixed/mastered by Peter Crosbie (Paris)

Mixing and additional recording for Everyone’s Here - Ethan Hanson and Neil D Ray (N. Carolina)
Dido’s Lament - Guitars recorded by Andy Alice (Nashville)

Jan 2016 I am interviewed in a chateau in Dijon. In this video I talk about my work, my music, a surprising abuse of human rights in both the US and France, relationships, and I show acclaimed French author and actor Hugo Horiot another use for a riding crop. This 7 minute film was shot by Parisian director Camille Achour on location in Bourgogne. (avec sous-titres)

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À bientôt, xxRudy


Pandora sent me an email saying that they've approved THIEF OF DREAMS for their roster. It will be live soon, and I'll tweet when that happens.