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The cover for Burn the Witch is revealed:

The nudity on the cover is not meant to titillate, although when you’ve lived as long as I have, if my body is attractive to you I take that as a kind compliment. It’s really meant to show the innocence, purity and vulnerability of so many of us, and how the first thing that is stripped away when we’re burned by the fires of adversity, is our veneer. There are many other layers to the image and title, not the least of which is the suspicion, ostracizing, and at times persecution of those who dare to be different, either by virtue of genetics, circumstance or desire for truth. This is for the black sheep, the one who says the emperor isn't wearing any clothes, the one who refuses to swallow the party line. This is for you.

The Art of Kim McGill

Kim is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. Generous in spirit, bursting with talent which wouldn't be hyperbole to call genius, Kim, aka La Lionne, seeks to glorify others with her work. She surprised me one day by taking a photo that I had posted on Facebook and creating what is now the cover image for Gothic Blues. It’s not that she wants to be a struggling artist her entire life, but she only wants to “make it” being a part of the better world that she strives and works towards. So she works with only those that she believes in-and with messages that she wants to be a part of. Kim and I have since formed a friendship and a partnership that is symbiotic, emotional, often expletive-filled and alcohol-fueled and always rife with belly laughs on both sides. She understands people, she doesn't judge, but she's nobody's fool. She takes my music and lets it inform her art and now her art informs my music. They are beginning to be inextricably linked in my mind, like the YES album covers of the 70’s, when album art meant more than just showing how trendy a band looked.
Says Kim about her cover art for Burn: “It’s not just about the attempt to destroy what we fear, don’t understand, or condemn. It’s about where we stand in it all…for the moment. Easily we can find ourselves as a spectator or the condemned. We could be driving force or a passive collaborator."

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