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I am interviewed in a chateau in Dijon. In this video I talk about my work, my music, a surprising abuse of human rights in both the US and France, relationships, and I show acclaimed French author and actor Hugo Horiot another use for a riding crop. This 7 minute film was shot by Parisian director Camille Achour on location in Bourgogne. (avec sous-titres)

Please, if you like my music, pre-order Penny Dreadfulpre-order Penny Dreadful or purchase one of my other albums on Itunes or anywhere. You can also donate on my help4aspergers site, but I should think you’d like to get a CD or digital album for your trouble. Every little bit helps this very independent artist. Thank you.

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If you span> pre-ordered the album I will send you more tracks to tide you over. Penny Dreadful looks to be finished by end of February 2016.

I've finally seen the short film Watercolors and it looks great. Feels great to be listed as composer in a proper, professional film, which is sure to be a contender in festivals next year.

Pandora sent me an email saying that they've approved THIEF OF DREAMS for their roster. It will be live soon, and I'll tweet when that happens.