~ Pandora sent me an email saying that they've approved THIEF OF DREAMS for their roster. It will be live soon, and I'll tweet when that happens.
~ Water Colors is a new short film being produced by TovaFilms in Los Angeles. They are using several of my songs in the soundtrack to help bring their story to life. Shooting begins April 15th.
~ Drummer Brian Theobalds has joined my group, which is so far, a duo. But we rock it. I haven't seen too many female-fronted rock duos. We have gigs coming up in NYC, two goth-themed East Village events with DJs, Bands, Fire-dancers and more, the other St. George's Festival in Staten Island. calendar here
~ I'm still seeking a female or minority musician, based in WNY, Knoxville, or NYC to join me. You must have very accurate harmonies, wide range, and play bass, cello and/or keys.
~ Artist and friend Melissa Edge has come up with a gorgeous cover for my third upcoming album, Penny Dreadful, due out September 2015. You can see it alongside La Lionne's first two covers in the banner above.


On Thief of Dreams, Rudy Simone blends eerie sonic textures and edgy lyrics as she sings of inner ghosts, the great void, love, and past lives. Echoes of Dead Can Dance, Portishead, Moby, Billie Holiday, Leonard Cohen, and trance-inducing North Mississippi hill country blues reverberate through her songs, which she skillfully orchestrates with layers of hypnotic fingerpicked guitar, strings, and keys. Simone’s ethereal voice alternately whispers, moans, and soars as she beckons the listener into her mysterious musical world.
—Andy Ellis, Senior Editor

Thief of Dreams
is alternately a howl and a purr. Its songs of aching longing and snarky scolding embrace you with their eclectic instrumentation and Rudy Simone's gorgeous voice. This is the music of broken hearts who believe they can be mended, and mended hearts who know they can be broken again.—Alex Bledsoe, author The Hum and the Shiver